Purchase and Outsourcing

Is your company suffering from high development costs? Are you losing business because of a shortage of engineers?  Are you looking for good quality but reasonably prices products and/or services?  

India is known to be the world's biggest supplier of IT-Services.  Over 55% of the world market in this sector is in Indian hands.  But India offers more!

Engineering services from India are in demand.  Within the next 6-8 years, the volume of services out of India in this sector is expected to reach $45 Billion (or 35% of the world-market).  The reasons for this tendency are simply explained:

 - India posseses a vast pool of qualified, English-speaking engineers,

 - outsourcing to India is a quick and cost-effective answer to the shortage of engineers in the West,

 - the relatively lower level of salaries in India results in lower development costs for the western client,

 - the resulting synergie-effect also means that a product designed in India can be placed on the challenging Indian market at a lower price, as compared to a product that has been designed in the West.

India's share in the development of everything from automobiles to passenger aircraft is increasing.  Indian service-providers in the pharmaceutical sector develop and test products for the world-market and have increased their turnover sevenfold!  Indian rockets carry their payload safely and cost-effectively into orbit; we cannot promise you that we can bring your satellite into orbit - for everything else, just give us a call!


We provide services such as:

- identifying and analysis of potential vendors,
- Vendor Management
- price and contract negotiations, 
- regular control-visits to vendors.